Prayer Requests

  1. Rex Antony - 25 Sep. 2012
    Do Please pray for me, as i brought a great shame to my Father, my mum, my sister, my relation, my friends and to my Lavanya who loved me a lot, i ask forgiveness to them through your prayer everyone should come back into my life… As my Lavanya should forgive me and accept me… She is my God’s gift which i misused the precious treasure gone away from me because of my angryness and not being true to her… So do please pray that i should throw away my angryness and should be true to everyone… My Lord should bring back my Lavanya into my life as i m suffering a lot, without her no happiness in my heart and peace in my mind…. Do please pray that my Lavanya should forgive me and accept me… Do please even pray for her that my Lord should protect my Lavanya from every troubles and danger even he should forgive my Lavanya sins and should keep my Lavanya close to her… As i give her in your prayer do please pray that my Lord should give happiness and peace in my life by restoring the treasure into my life..
  2. Letty Eapen Mathai - 03 Sep. 2012
    My name is Letty. Please pray for my parents that they should not quarrel between each other. One or two days there will be peace in the house then after few days again some problems creeps in the family and they start quarreling. Please uncle let there be peace and love shared between each other and never to quarrel in their life again. This was going on from my childhood. Please uncle please let the love of Christ be shared between each other and let the peace of God be manifested in my parents life. With prayers, In Christ, Letty Kerala, India
  3. Pollachi Mission - 05 Dec. 2011
    * The Church at Kolumam, a portion of which was damaged during heavy rains on 5th Nov, 2011. The building is irreparable. The Evangelist and his family have been moved out. Please pray that a new chapel and Mission House can be constructed. * The on-going church construction at Vadakipalayam and extension of church building at Nallur. * The Child Development Centre at Nallur. * The new believers preparing to join the Church. * For construction of churches at Kolikuttai, Saralapathi, Dhammampathi and Mayiladumparai. * The mother of Evg. V L Jose, undergoing treatment for cancer at RCC, Thiruvananthapuram. * The father of Evg. Tiju, suffering from cancer.
  4. Simeon Dhinakaran - 02 Nov. 2011
    Dear Brother-in-christ, Please pray for my marriage. Please pray that it should happen very soon. My age is 29. Please pray that I should get virgin, virtuous, Godly woman. Please pray that all the demonic powers preventing my marriage should be curshed and washed away from this world. Thanks for your prayer. D. Simeon
  5. Rev. Baiju Markose - 12 Sep. 2011
    Please pray for Baiju Markose achen, as he is going through a major surgery, at Kottayam Medical College Hospital, after a bike accident near Kottayam. Please remember in prayers.
  6. Oommen - 06 Sep. 2011
    Mr. P T Oommen, age 76, from Nagpur, is critically admitted in ICU due to paralytic attack.