Pollachi- Tamil Nadu Gospel Mission

Coimbatore Centre
Tamil Nadu

Pollachi Mission is the first mission field of Mar Thoma Church in the State of Tamil Nadu. The mission was started with two evangelists in 1983. After the successful completion of 32 years, the mission was developed to five different mission fields in Tamil Nadu. Activities: Rev. Gigi Varghese serves as the Missionary of Pollachi mission. Along with the Missionary, 11 evangelists are working at 12 different centres. The mission activities are successfully going on at 92 villages nearby Pollachi.

The main activities are 14 tuition centres, 5 tailoring institutes, 12 Sunday Schools, Jeevanam Palliative care, Jeevajyothi de-addiction ministry, Jeeviyam selfemployment scheme, Mar Thoma CDC, Anpinkaram, Counselling Centre, Computer Training Centre etc. Jeeva Oli Boys Home, Nallur, is another important activity of mission field.

Jeeva Oli Boys Home, Nallur, Pollachi: To the future of young children from different mission fields under Pollachi mission, the mission saw the need for a boy’s hostel. Subsequently, in the year 2000, a boys’ hostel was started at Nallur Mission Centre. A holistic development of child is aimed through this program. Daily devotion, music classes, soft skill and communication and basic computer education are met in the hostel. A skill training Centre for the students is proposed for the coming years.

With a present strength of 27 boys and 3 wardens (Evg. Viju Raj, Evg. Robert .K. Alex and R. Suresh) the boys’hostel is growing in fame and popularity in the village. The home is registered under the ‘Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board’. Rev. Gigi Varghese  serves as the Missionary.