Metropolitan Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Center for Holistic Development

Chennai Centre
Tamil Nadu
Metropolitan Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma Centre for Holistic Development is a center of excellence, managed by the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church and aims to promote the holistic development of the Church and communities. The Center was born out of the vision and foresight of the Metropolitan, Dr. Joseph Mar Thoma over many years. The motto of the Center is: “Committed to Connectedness”. After the launching of the Center, renovation and furnishing has been taken place and the Center has now became one of the centers of excellence in Chennai. Today, the Center stands out as an edifice of Holistic spirituality and the Holistic development. 

Following are the major programs held at the Center in the year 2014-15.

Discipleship Training Camp: A two-day Camp was organized on 23rd  & 24th  of August 2014 for the youth to mold them to grow in the Salvific experience of Jesus Christ through learning and practicing the faith practices of the Mar Thoma Church. It was initiated as a Lay Training Program along with the Mar Thoma Yuvajana Sakhyam of Chennai Centre. Five major sessions were covered. Rev. Eappen Varghese, lecturer of Mar Thoma Theological Seminary led the major sessions.

Family Empowerment Program: A family empowerment program for young couples was conducted on 11th October 2014. Rev. Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla took an interactive session with the participants.

Women Empowerment Program: A Women Empowerment Program for Sevika Sangham members was conducted on 8th November 2015. Rev. Joseph Samuel of Kerala United Theological Seminary, Trivandrum led the sessions.

Training in Homiletics: A special training program in Homiletics was arranged on 4th October 2014 for the youth and prepared them to preach in all the parishes of Chennai centre in the Youth week.

Seminar: Arranged a half day seminar for the theological students on 23rd August 2014.

First Communicants Class: Arranged a series of five classes for the first communicants on Saturdays and Sundays in the month of January 2015.

Counseling: Counseling sessions were arranged for the families who were facing various challenges.

Booklet: Published a holy week meditation booklet titled ‘Symphony from the Bruises’.

Bible Study: The Center also arranged few Bible study sessions and Readers forum in order to facilitate reading and reflection on several relevant themes on second Saturdays.

Meetings: Hosted different meetings of the Diocese, which includes the Diocesan Council meetings, Clergy and family get together (18.06.2014), meetings of all the Office bearers of our churches in Chennai Centre (09.12.2015) and Diocesan Youth Kalamela (22.11.2014). Rev. Binu J Varghese serves as the Director of the Centre.