Mar Thoma Vidhaya Sadanam (Mar Philoxenos Students and Media Centre, Padur, Chennai)

Chennai Centre
Tamil Nadu

Chennai - Bangalore Diocese is planning to set up a Students centre – Mar Thoma Vidhya Sadanam near Chennai in commemoration of the jubilee of our Diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr.Isaac Mar Philoxenos. The Center would be a reflection of the vibrant leadership of His Lordship. Tirumeni’s concern for the next generation of professionals who would be the future of the Mar Thoma Church is the inspiration behind this centre. At present the student’s ministry is serving in twenty three Centers in our diocese. Padur is situated around 45 kilometers in the outskirts of Chennai where most of the Engineering Colleges like Hindustan University, Sathyabhama University, St. Joseph’s College of Engineering and software companies are located. The student’s and media center is planned to train the younger generation in the field of media and communication. The 21st century is remarkably heading towards a great revolution in the field of information and knowledge on diverse topics. Modern education opens up innumerable vistas to embellish the minds of our growing generation. The effectiveness of modern media is marvelous. The quantity of information the modern students absorb into their minds is enormous and enviable. However, the harmful effects of the media today are a threat to the growing minds. The aim of Student’s and Media Centre is to give sufficient orientation and guidance to our students to equip and make use of the modern media of communication for mission and evangelism.