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The Mar Thoma Church has its mission work in many rural areas.  The Ministry of the Karnataka Navajeevana Samithi of the Mar Thoma Church is situated in several villages in the Kolar, and Chickabellapur districts of Karnataka as well as in the Madanapally Taluk of Andhra Pradesh. Each village is distributed among the three main Centres situated in Chintamani, Siddlaghatta, and Rayalpad. This year marks the completion of 43 years of service of the K.N.S, with the gospel being received by believers spread out in 200 villages. It is one of the largest Mission fields of the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese.

Dr. C.A. Thomas and Mr. T. E Thomas are the founders of the K N S. It was a     minor mission, begun with the sole objective of bringing the Gospel to these villages and reaching out to the people in their need. It can also be noted that this mission was started with lay leadership as the means of guidance.

In the year 2001, through the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese, The Mar Thoma Church accepted K.N.S. as one of its own mission field.  His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, Bishop of the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese, now gives his guidance and leadership to this Mission Centre. With humble hearts, we thank the Creator and Lord Almighty for His Guidance in His Ministry and the outstanding growth of the Mission. Hereby, we present the Annual Report for the year 2014-15

Missionary Achens and Evangelists: KNS Mission of the Mar Thoma Church is served by the leadership of three Missionaries stationed in three principal Centers. Under these missionaries, there are a total of 14 Evangelists, posted in different villages in the surroundings of their main Center.

Rev. J. Chinnadore serves at Rayalpad, along with Evangelists Mr.Chrstudas at Madanapally, A P, Mr. Premanand at Rayalpad, Mr. N. Devaraj at Gownippally & Tadigol Cross, Mr. Jaya Prabhu at Lakshmipura.

Rev. Ajith Eapen Thomas serves at Siddlaghatta along with Evangelists Mr.Santosh P. G. at Melur,  Mr. D. Anand Kumar at Siddlaghatta, Mr. Naresh Babu at Goremadagu, Mr. Samuel Paul at Sonnenahally, and Mr. Subash at Dibburahally.

Rev. Sabu Thomas serves at Chintamani along with Evangelists Mr. S. Abraham at H-Cross, Mr. Suresh at Sreenivasapura,   Mr. Shashikanthu at Kyalanoor, Mr. Chrstopher at Chintamani, and Mr. John Marappa at Murugumala. These missionaries and evangelists live with their family in their area of work.

Board of Management: It is truly a blessing to be under the guidance and leadership of Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, the President of the Karnataka Navajeevana Samithi.  Along with him are Rev. Thomas C. Alexander and Dr. C.A. Thomas who serve as the Vice-Presidents and a source of motivation and encouragement.  Thirumeni has appointed Rev. Dr. Alex Thomas as the new Vice President for the period 2014-17. Rev. Sabu Thomas serves as the Secretary while Mr. James Daniel is the Treasurer. In the reporting year the General Body of the KNS has been newly constituted and it has elected a new Board of management for the period 2014-17. 17 members constitute the Board of Management which is the decision making body of the Mission and is solely responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting of all activities.


Jathra (Convention): This year too Jathra meetings were conducted in all the three Centers and at the Parish level too. It is an important gathering for our believers and seekers and this helps them in their spiritual growth and stability in faith. The uniqueness of this event is that during this time the believers come along with their family, stay at the venue for 2 nights and partake in the fellowship. It’s a time of great joy and happiness for all the believers and it gives them a time of festivity, joy and fellowship.  Rev. Jacob John, Evg. John V R and Rev. Devadas were the main speakers this year.

Vacation Bible School (VBS): VBS is also held with great enthusiasm and motivation. Believers and seekers children are greatly benefited by this spiritual event. More than 1000 children have participated in it and experienced the love of Christ through this program. Evg. Naresh Babu was the director.

Retreats and Fellowship Meetings: Retreats and fellowship meetings were conducted for our Evangelists and other Mission staff to equip them for the ministry of the Gospel. Evangelists meetings and staff meetings also were conducted regularly each month in every Centre.

Worship Centers: K N S has 16 worship Centers (churches) in different areas. Worship and prayer services are held regularly in Kannada and Telugu languages. Regular prayer meeting and spiritual programs are also conducted for believers in this Centre to give them a better understanding of the faith and practices of the church.All the churches and chapels in the K N S Mission have the regular activities of Sunday school, Youth meetings, Sevika Sangham (Women’s Fellowship), Fasting and Prayer, Cottage prayers, etc. for the spiritual nurturing of believers, and seekers.

Evangelism: Our Evangelists who stay in the villages regularly visit the homes of the people to share the word of God. Achens and Evangelists are constantly engaged in diversified ministry and programs like Bible study, house visiting, Sunday school, special programs for children, youth and women, distribution of Bible and spiritual literatures, film show related to the life of Christ etc. This year110 new believers have received Holy baptism and joined the Church Fellowship (Siddlaghatta had 51, Rayalpad-21 and Chintamani-38). Seekers meetings, conferences and camps were also conducted in the different Centers.

Christmas Celebration: The Missionaries along with the Evangelists went on carol rounds to houses of believers and seekers to spread the Good News and to bring into them the Spirit of Christmas. Carol services were also conducted at the Mission Centre level and the parish level. It was an event of celebration, joy and happiness for the entire believers’ community and the people of the nearby villages too.

44th Anniversary: The 44th Anniversary of K.N.S. was held on Sunday the 26th of January 2015 at the Sidlagatta Mission Campus. Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa, Bishop of the Chennai-Bangalore Diocese, blessed this occasion with his presence and leadership. More than 1000 people participated in this program. The presence of clergy and members of the Mar Thoma Parishes from the Bangalore city showed their prayerful support to the KNS mission. Clergy and Evangelists from different Mission Centers showed their support with their participation. The anniversary was a graceful occasion for all participants and the cultural program by the children from the different projects of the KNS mission added an essence to the occasion.

Projects: There exists a huge number of people who are still below the poverty line with many needs, be it social, economic or physical. KNS has considered these facts and has initiated various programs to bring these marginalized to the mainstream. Some of the programs to help them are Housing Aid, Marriage Aid Scheme, Education Aid, Medical Aid, Self-Employment Scheme, Vidhya- Nidhi (parents’ participatory scheme), Tailoring Classes, Computer Classes, Agriculture, Mass Marriage etc. Here are the highlights of some of these projects:

 Hostel Facilities for Rural Children: The KNS mission provides hostel facility for the children in need from rural villages. These hostels are meant for the children whose parents have financial constraints. These children are enrolled in a good school and all their needs are taken care of by the Mission.  Ministry through Hostel is a good initiative by the church in the rural villages. All inmates of these Hostels come from different family backgrounds. Some are orphans and some are single parented. These children are totally living in a spiritual atmosphere in these hostels. The hostel provides them better living conditions with holistic development. KNS is running four Hostels viz. Navajeevana Girls hostel Chintamani, Navajeevana Boys Hostel Sidlagatta, St. Thomas Girls Hostel, Melur and Shalom Girl children hostel at Rayalpadu. I express sincere thanks to all sponsors and donors who prayerfully support these children. I extend special thanks and gratitude to Dr. M C Thomas & family for their whole hearted support, and care for the children of St. Thomas Hostel at Melur, by providing the full amount of Hostel expense during the year.

Mar Thoma Grama Jyothi School: The Mission runs a school in Dibburahalli (which is a very underdeveloped area) in the name ‘Mar Thoma Grama Jyothi School’. This year the school enrolled 53 children in L K G and U K G classes. Two teachers and one supporting staff are serving in the school.

Child Development Centers: With the financial support from Caruna Bala Vikas (Compassion International) KNS runs 2 projects viz. The Sneha Jyothi Students Center at Siddlaghatta and the Shalom Child Development Center at Rayalpad. The main focus of this project is to assist students in their physical, social, emotional and spiritual development. Mr. Aby M. Michael is the coordinator for the Siddlaghatta project and Mr. Suman Babu for the Rayalpad Project. A total of 24 staff members are working hard with dedication and sincerity for the holistic development of the 425 children from different rural villages.

Bala Vikas Kendra: There are 2 Bala Vikas Kendras within the KNS mission, supported by Light the Candle International (LTCI) California, USA, viz. Home of Grace Bala Vikas Kendra located in Dibburahally and Home of Faith Bala Vikas Kendra, Chintamani.  125 children in need of care and support are helped in these Centre. Mr. Udayakumar is the coordinator for the Dibburahally project and Mr. Remeshkumar is the coordinator for the Chintamani project. A total of 10 staff are working with these 125 children for their holistic growth and are supported economically, spiritually, intellectually, socially and physically by them. We thankfully remember the dedicated service and initiative of the Board members of Light the Candle International under the leadership of the Director, Mr. Sugu John Chandy.

 Balawadi: KNS has a Balawadi in Goremadagu village. Balawadi is a centre which takes care of little children of the rural working people who are unable to take care of the kids as they go to work. The Balawadi has 18 children at present. Grants were provided from the Diocese for the functioning of this project.

Computer Class: Today, computer plays a major role in everyone’s life. It is surprising to know that this age is even called as the Age of Computers. Every area requires the use of computer. Therefore, it is important to ensure that every person is capable of understanding the computer and working with it. Hence, KNS has introduced a computer Centre at Siddlaghatta. This computer lab has good infrastructure and it ensures a user-friendly atmosphere drawing the eyes of many and enabling us to educate the rural children.

Women Empowerment Programs: Women who are sick and the ones who face various problems are helped by the KNS Mission to overcome their crisis. A Women Empowerment Centre has been functioning in the new mission campus at Siddlaghatta to provide self-employment training with full support of Bangalore youths. Special thanks to Young couples from K R Puram MTC, Bangalore. The main focus of this Centre is to empower and equip the village girls for a qualitative life in their space. The Centre conducts Craft training classes regularly for them. This training program is known as POIEMA. This year too, Mr. Paul C. Das gave leadership for the craft training classes for the church youth, school / college dropout girls and women from villages. The Centre guides women from economically weaker background to earn their own income through this training. This in-turn helps the girls in the society to lead a better lifestyle. Navajeevana Self-help Group is running at the Chintamani Centre with membership of 25 woman folk. Tailoring Training classes are conducting for the young women from rural villages.

Developmental and Charitable Programs: Along with its other programs, KNS has adopted the facility of Housing aid(home for homeless) Medical and Insurance scheme, Marriage Aid, Education aid, Navajeevana Vidhya Nidhi as a participatory scheme for the education of the rural children, Self-employment scheme for young boys, etc.

 Agriculture: KNS has agricultural land at Rayalpad, Siddlaghatta and Chintamani with plantations of banana, tapioca, mango, ragi, tomatoes and papaya. In addition, we have a Dairy farm and a Poultry farm which help us in acquiring milk and eggs. The agriculture products are not only used for the hostel inmates, but it is also a small source of income for the Mission.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar Philoxenos Episcopa serves as the President, Rev. Thomas C Alexander, Dr. C A Thomas, Rev. Dr.Alex Thomas served as the vice presidents, Rev. Sabu Thomas serves as the Secretary and Mr. James Daniel served as the Treasurer.