Chennai Centre
Tamil Nadu

Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Valiya Metropolitan Memorial Fellowship and Guidance Home, Vellore extended services to the patients and their relatives coming to seek medical assistance from the Christian Medical College Hospital, Vellore. The patients and their relatives were given proper assistance by ensuring better treatment and comfortable stay. Fellowship visits, prayer at the centre, bed-side visits, counselling, medical assistance and transportation to the hospital were offered to the needy. We were able to serve about 1150 patients and their relatives who came from different parts of our country and abroad during the year. The services provided by the centre were highly appreciated by the public. We could buy a Tempo traveller and a Generator for the need of the Guidance Home. The Local Advisory Committee met periodically to review the activities. Mr. M.J. Samuel serves as Treasurer, Mr. George Mathew as Social Worker, Ms.Sosamma Kuruvilla Serves as the accountant and Mr. Abe Abraham, Mr. Lethin Joseph, Mr. Jayan  and few seminary  students assisted  the  director  and  social  worker  for  the smooth  functioning  of the  centre. The voluntary service rendered by well-wishers is greatly appreciated. The Christian Medical College and the public appreciated the service rendered by the Guidance Home. The second phase construction of the Guidance home is nearing completion.  Rev.Shaji K serves as the director of the Guidance Home.