Green Olives, Bangalore – Senior Care Home

Bangalore Centre

Green Olives, Bangalore is a project of the Chennai – Bangalore Diocese of the Mar Thoma Church under the Madras – Calcutta Diocesan Charitable Trust managed by a local committee consisting of members from the parishes of Bangalore Center. This has become a reality as a response of the Mar Thoma Church to the growing need of the society. Caring for the elderly is important in a fast moving world. This new initiative is a gift to humanity, expressing our care and concern to near and dear ones and sharing our love and offering for the good of others. The objective is to provide dignified, independent and affordable accommodation for the elderly so as to enable them to celebrate and enjoy the dusk of their life; to get involved in various activities that enrich the life of others while making their own life fruitful and productive. Rev. George Koshy serves as the convener of the project.