Dindigul- Ambilikkal Mission

Coimbatore Centre
Tamil Nadu

Kollapetty (Dindigul) is situated around 15 kms from the Dindigul town. The mission work is going on amongst the very poor. It is aimed at the holistic development of this society by bringing them up, meeting their physical and spiritual needs. The mission progressed a lot from its initial stages and is serving very effectively in His vineyard. A visit by the Diocesan Bishop in 2005 to Kollapetty Village prompted the Chennai- Bangalore Diocese to start work here. Evg.Jacob Kore serves as the evangelist and Rev Joby John serves as the missionary. Evangelistic work: Evangelist resides at mission house and gives leadership to Worship services, prayer meetings, Sunday school, house visit and social awareness campaign. Villages: The Evangelist visit villages and conducting Prayer meetings there. He is working among the following villages Thoppumpatty, Ashok Nagar, Kollappatty, Anna Nagar and Indira Nagar.

V B S: This year the VBS conducted in mission centre the theme for this year VBS is ‘ENNE KANKIRA DEVAN’. Around 80 students 5 teachers participated. The materials are organized by Tamil Nadu United VBS.The VBS was blessing to all. Group work: Once a month Missionary Achan and Evangelists get-together, it includes devotion, intercessory prayer and evaluates/planning programs.Once in a month conducting outreach programmes like musical evenings, film shows are some of the activities undertaken. Tuition centre: One Tuition Centre was started in Thoppampatty around 35 students studied, these students are from financially backwards families from the surroundings. Christmas programmes: Christmas carol service was conducted at the mission centre on Dec 23. Various programs were performed by students to make the celebration a meaningful and colourful. Social activities: Four medical camps, cancer awareness/ HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and hygiene classes were organised. Seventy children were enrolled in the Educational Aid Scheme of the Diocese. Fifteen students are provided with financial assistance for Vocational Training. One MBA student is assisted with higher education loan. Evg. Jacob Kore serves as the Evangelist and Rev. Joby John serves as the missionary.