A development project with facilities for a community living for the Elderly


The need and background
The past few decades have seen a steady increase in the number of elderly population. While the longevity has considerably increased, there are also several problems associated with it. Many parents are left alone in their homes since their children are away in connection with employment or higher studies. 
The Christian Church has realised the need of the elderly from economically weaker sections and organised destitute homes in different places. However, there are several elderly families who have enough income of their own. Yet there is no one to take care of them. Staying in their own homes has serous security problems too. Among them there is a group with failing health. Some of them are bed-ridden. They need assistance on a regular basis. Even for those who live with their children there are problems.  The children, who are working, find it very difficult to take care of the elderly parents along with the demands of their official duty and their own family responsibility.  Keeping full-time home nurses to take care of the parents has its own problems of security as well as management, even if they can afford to. The need of this group is slowly being recognized. Business groups take advantage of the situation and respond to the need by organising retirement homes. However they are far beyond the financial capacity of the middle class. In response, retirement homes are being organized in several places where the elderly can lead a community life .   
Community living for the elderly in Bangalore
In Bangalore there are thousands of people from Kerala.  Bangalore has been recognised as the pensioner’s paradise. Many who have worked outside India and in different parts of India have settled in Bangalore. Those who have spent the whole of their life in Bangalore would find it difficult to move, as they will be losing all their social contacts. However when they become sick and are unable to manage their affairs they need a place to live in dignity. Even  fo r A proper place where they can spend the later hours of their life peacefully in their own socio-cultural background will be a great blessing
Hence an arrangement for such people to live in a community without bothering about the daily chores, leading a dignified and relaxed life, is a pressing need of the hour. 
 General concept of an old age home  and the stigma attached
Our concept. 
  • Villa type Independent cottages with a spacious bed room, a drawing room, toilet, dressing and a mini kitchen. [500.sft}
  • A dignified and affordable accommodation in a serene ambience  
  • Common mess,  with provision for room service
  • .Medical care in collaboration with  MVJ medical college and the Mission Hospital at Hoskotte
  •  Assisted living,
  •  prayer and fellowship,
  •  opportunity to get involved in various activities according the  health, interest and aptitude 
  • Guest rooms for relatives  and others to come and spend the weekend or stay for a few days and relax
  • Facilities can be used by the families and groups in and around Bangalore
  • The campus.
  • Vast campus of ten acres
  •  School for the benefit of the villagers around
  •  Health care centre [ Allopathic and Ayurvedic] for the villagers
  •  Agriculture [organic farming] dairy, poultry,  fishery etc to give  a feel of a village in Kerala with coconut trees, plavu,  mavu, vazha etc
Our Campus is adjacent to the proposed new campus [20 acres]of Hindustan Academy
Development programme for the villages around
Various programmes  be organised
Vanamanahally Village, Ghandapanahally Panchayath
Adjacent to the proposed 20 acre campus of Hindustan Academy.
 9.5. kms from Old madrass road
 12. kms from hoskotte,
 12. kms from  M.V.J Medical College,
 23. kms from the airport. [devanahally]
 Close to our mission centres  of Sivanapuram, Jankamamkotte, and Sulibeli 
 Beautiful village set up with pollution- free ambience
A committee with members of Bangalore centre
Under the auspices of The diocesan Charitable Trust
In phases