Devanahally Centre


The Devanahally Mission was divided as three separate units: (a) Devanahally Mission (b) Beerasandra Mission (c) Chikbalapur Mission. Each of these mission centres were led by a missionary along with a number of evangelists.


The financial year 2009 – 10 was a year of blessing in every aspect of the Mission activity.

God has been gracious to provide all the wants that are needed day by day for the Mission’s ongoing developments. Apart from evangelistic work which is the motto of the Mission, we have different participatory projects like Marriage Aid, Education Aid etc. Along with evangelism the empowerment of the believers through efforts such as self – employment are being encouraged.

The Medical Aid, Housing Aid and Marriage Aid are given as and when is necessary and in accordance with availability of the funds. Many of our believers were helped through the Navathy Housing Aid Scheme. This year we could even raise the financial resource for promotion of the land for landless, two families were benefited through this scheme. The Mission was blessed with the service of the evangelists M/s Thomas George, John Kumar P. S., Beena John, N. V. Wilson  and Joseph L.. Rev. Joby Varghese serves as the missionary.


In the past, this mission was brought up under the umbrella of K.N.S and Devanahally missions. . Chikkaballapur mission for the last one year continued as a centre to the people of the land as God’s presence by proclaiming liberty and helping them to see the dreams and visions about the Kingdom of God through word and deed. The mission engaged in personal evangelism, house visit, prayer meeting, bible classes, counselling, open air meeting and the like. The mission gives priority for the moral and secular education. Under child empowerment ministry we had one  girls’ hostel with 15 students (Vishwa Jyothi M.T Girls Hostel), one Compassion Project with 293 students, one Crèche under the sponsorship of CCCYC called Manava Vikas Kendra with 60 children and one Balwadi with 25 students. The mission also engaged in the ministry of Sunday school, Camps, V.B.S and also in the participatory educational assistance programmes (CDP, SDP, Anugraha Vidhya Nidhi etc.) to help the students financially in their education. . Regular youth meetings in the churches, teenagers and youth camps, awareness classes and personality development classes were held. This year the mission supported four girls financially in their marriages and also enrolled 28 girl children in the diocesan marriage aid scheme. The Evangelists Prem Kumar N,Samson,Vinay Kumar Abraham S  are doing their work sincerely . Rev. Giju John serves as the missionary.

Beerasandra Mission

This mission was   functioning well this year by the grace of God .The Beerasandra Clinic is serving the people for their medical needs. Dr. A J Thomas and Dr. Grace Abraham are serving in the clinic. This year the Mission conducted two medical camps at Alur and Joghally. Jathhra conducted in January. 350 people attended it.  Awareness programmes against the social evils were done in different centres. A Youth conference was arranged for the village youths. Our village teens attended the teenagers’ conference of the diocese. A new work started in Makly villge, 21 km away from Beerasandra. A tailoring school started in Surdenpura. The community health work programme is going on. The believers are participating in the marriage aid and education aid schemes. Mission house was dedicated on July 6, 2009. Mr. John B.K was serving. Rev.Anu Oommen serves as the Missionary.