Beerasandra, Mar Thoma Mission Centre

Devanahally Centre


Alur Duddanahalli P.O.

Bangalore Rural

5621. Karnataka



Beerasandra mission, a part of the Devanahalli Mission, became an independent mission in May 2008. By the Grace of God  the mission has completed its 7th year as a separate mission. The mission activities started with the pioneering works of Dr. C. A. Thomas and Late Mr. T.E. Thomas under the banner of Karnataka NavajeevanSamithi. Later it was led by the able leadership of Rev. P.V. Philip, Rev. K. Thomas, Rev. V.T. Yesudas, Rev. A.C. Kurian, Rev. Shibu Mathew, Rev. Ison Joshua and Rev. AnuOommen.Rt. Rev. Dr. Isaac Mar PhiloxenosEpiscopa is the President of the mission

Villages: Being a relatively new mission the scope of the mission remains very high towards Doddabellapur. Our evangelists visit every village weekly and conducted prayer meetings there. We are now working among the following villages Viswanathapura, Chickobdenahalli, Beerasandra, Alur, Duddanally, Gaudarajapura, Beedigare, Bashetinahalli, Konagatta,Surdenpura,Nagdenahalli, Bhudibande, (Eva. N. V. Wilson) Hamam, DargaJogalli, Makli, Malathalli ,Arsinkatte, Kantenkunte&Kolur (Eva. Yesuratnam).

Jathra:Jathra was organized on 23, 24 and 25 of May 2014. Evangelists Koshy Thomas was the main speaker. The KSV lead the singing session.  Rev. James K. John, Rev. A.C. Kurian and 15 evangelists from various Missions and around 150 people participated in the meetings. Rev. A.C. Kurian celebrated the Holy Communion on 25th May. Shri.KochumonMelpadam sponsored the Jathra.

VBS:VBS was held on April 7-10. Evangelist Sabu served as the Director of the VBS. About 120 Children participated including non-believers.  The children came to know more about Jesus through the songs and stories and also experienced the love of God. Teachers, volunteers and children shared a warm fellowship throughout the days.

Beerasandra Clinic: The clinic of Beerasandra Mission provides medical health care to the villagers and people in need to its best. Dr. A.J. Thomas rendered voluntary service on every Tuesday. The Baptist Hospital is rendering medical  service to our clinic on every Thursday and Dr. Shiney is serving as the medical doctor.  Mrs. Kalavathy served as nurse during the year. Mrs. Narayanamma worked as Aya. We rendered Service to 2000 people during the financial year.

AnugrahaVidyaNidhi: The mission has encouraged the believers to participate in the AnugrahaVidyaNidhi Program of the Diocese. This year there are 40 students registered under this scheme. We have two  nursing students, two B com students, 1 BSc student and 1 PG student.

Marriage Aid Scheme:Nine girls were members of the participatory Marriage Aid Scheme of the Diocese. During the financial year, Diocese has distributed the Marriage Aid through the Mission. Mission has tried to reduce the burden of the family by giving financial support during the marriage of their daughters. This year we helped 3 girls financially for their marriage.  The Mar Thoma Church Marthahalli has helped financially to conduct the marriage of two girls.

Home for Homeless:This year mission has helped financially to build threehouses. The St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Marthahalli has supported to build one house for Venkitesh at Vishvanathapura. 

Christmas Carol Services:The Christmas Carol rounds were held on 17 to 23 of December 2014. About 25 members participated in the carol rounds and visited all houses of believers, seekers and well wishers.

Church Buildings and Worship Services: This year 15 more people are added to faith, by the grace of God. We have one church building in Beerasandra and two ‘house churches’ one in Surdenpura and the other in Gandarajapura.InDoddabellapur worship service is conducted  in the building of a local church at Kantankunte. Sunday worships are conducted on every Sunday in these four villages. In Surdenpura, the worship service is conducted in the house of Mohan, an active church member, for the last 25 years. There are more than 60 believers in this village. Only 20 people can sit inside the house for worship. We need to buy a land and build a Church here in Surdenpura. In order to purchase the land at Surdenpura the Diocese has given us Seven Lakh Rupees. Dr. M.C. Thomas donated Rupees Four Lakh for the purchase of land. We have collected more than Three  Lakh Rupees for the same. We are searching for a land in Surdenpura.  In Gandarajapura more than 25 people are gathering for worship every Sunday in the house of Jayamma. We have  purchased 7 guntas of land at Gandarajapura for a price of  Rs.7,50,000/-.

Mr. N.V. Wilson and Mr. Yesuratnam are serving as Evangelist of the mission.Rev. Sabu Philip. Dr. M C Thomas serves as the Vice President and Treasurer respectively of the mission.Rev. Kuruvilla Philip is serving as the Missionary.