Ankola Centre

The Ankola mission work is extended up to Yellapur, Amdally, Karwar, Harwada, Ajjikkatta, Vandige, Shediguli and Belambara. Rev. Dr. K.M. Samuel and Rev. Manjunath Sunder R. served as missionaries. At present 20 evangelists (Diocese -1, MTEA-7 and Ashram-12) are working in this mission. Worshipping communities meet in the churches at Ankola, Karwar, Yellapur, Kaiga, Kadra and Ajjikkatta, and house churches at Amdally, and Harwada. The Mission has 350 individuals as believers and 100 individuals as seekers. 

The children’s ministry in Ankola mission are the following: 32 Children are enrolled in Vidya Nidhi. For Marriage Aid Scheme, six children from this mission are enrolled. Indian Sponsorship Project (ISP) supports 110 children in their education and a Day Care Centres at Puralakkibena and a CMA Balawadi at Ajjikkatta are functioning. The Caruna Balavikas (Compassion project, based in Chennai) has two projects in the Ashram: CMA Child Development Centre (CMACDC) & Christa Mitra Child Survival Project (CMCSP). The CDC has 280 sponsored children and CSP has 100 sponsored women. In CSP, pregnant women are adopted and provided care during their pregnancy. Both mother and the child are provided care for three years, and thereafter, the child is enrolled in the CDC project. A de-addiction meeting was conducted for the alcoholics. Career guidance for young people was also arranged.  Navathy houses are constructed.  A girls’ hostel was functioning in the Ankola Mission Centre.

 Evangelist Jayasheelan works as the diocesan evangelist. He stays in the Ashram’s quarters at Belambara and works in Kogre, Mudrani, Vandige, Uttara karvivada and Thalebail. All these places belong to Belambara village. He conducts a Sunday school in Thalebail. He also joins in the fasting prayer meetings on Fridays and Holy Qurbana service on Sundays conducted in the Ankola Church. He does regular house visits, personal contacts and prayer groups. He also joins in the common programmes of the Ashram along with other evangelists.