Ankola Centre

The mission fields are mainly around Ankola, in small villages Amdally, Harwada, Vandige, Ajjikhatta, and Shediguli. There are two churches, one at the other at Yellapur, about 60 KMs from Ankola. Sunday worship is regularly conducted in both these parishes. On an average 300 members participate at Ankola church and about 30 at Yellapur. Regular prayer meetings are held at other mission fields. About 50 nursing students from Kerala, studying at different nursing schools over here regularly attend Sunday worship.

There are 18 Ashram members, 7 Evangelists participate and give leadership in the mission activities along with the Achens.

The main projects of the Ankola Ashram are, CMA Hospital, with two doctors and 17 staff members, Sevamandir, a destitute home for the aged, with 33 inmates and 5 staff, CMA CDC and CSP project which cater to the educational and social development of 385 poor children, ISP project which gives a helping hand to the educational and health needs of 133 children, hostel for poor and sick children. Rev. Dr. K M Samuel, give leadership to the activities

Thankamma Memorial Hostel, Ankola: This is a new initiative in Ankola Mission. Eight girls from different villages are staying here. Some are orphans, and others are single-parent children. Mrs. K. J. Saramma serves as the warden of the hostel. A hostel has been started this year for Children affected with HIV/AIDS and three girls are staying. Rev. Dr. Alexander Abraham is the Acharya and Rev. Shiju K.A. serves as the missionary.