Andamans Centre
Betapur Mission is the oldest mission of the middle and north Andaman. In 1967 Rev. M. M. Thomas
Achen came as missionary of Andaman mission. Achen was also in charge of middle and north
Andaman, he gave spiritual nurturing and guidance to not only Marthomites but to the whole
Christian community of middle and north Andaman. Today the mission comprises of a parish and
also holds a 4.5 acre of land which is used for Agricultural purpose. The land gives the mission
opportunity to work with the local settlement and give them opportunity to get associated with the
mission. The mission also caters to both the Christian and non-Christian community through its other
activities. The annual convention is one such event where in the word of God is preached to the local
community. The mission also runs a Balasamajam for the kids, where in their spiritual and social
development is taken care. The Balasamajam also gives leadership for Christmas house to house
carols and Christmas programs. Annual VBS camp is held every year during summer vacation. Local
kids are taught from the Word of God and spiritual nourishment is given to them through this camp.
Mayabunder Mission is located in the heart Of Middle and North Andaman Mission. This mission is
located and the boundary of middle and north Andaman. This mission also actively caters to the need
of local community. At present, the number of Marthomite community is depleting and hence Hindi
prayer worships has been started to incorporate local people. Hindi prayer happens once a month on
Saturday. Hindi songs, prayers and sermons are conducted by the missionary and evangelists. This
mission also runs a Hindi Sunday school. Every Sunday at 3:00 pm Sunday school with Hindi songs
and Bible class is held for the local children. This mission also runs an Anganwadi with the
sponsorship from St. Thomas Mar Thoma Edavaka Mission, Santacruz, Mumbai.
Diglipur mission had its first Evangelist in 1999 and from there the mission has grown. The mission
caters to the need of the local Malayalee congregation as well as to the local community. The mission
has its work mainly among children. Local children are incorporated through mission activities, local
VBS and Christmas programmes and vacation activities. The local convention is also a medium of
spreading the gospel of God to the local community. Convention messages are translated in Hindi for
the understanding of the local community. The mission is lacking a mission house as such activities
are constrained. The mission plans to construct a mission house in the coming year. The mission is
also planning to start a Hindi prayer group in the coming year and also to expand mission work. Rev.
Koshy Bijo Samuel serves as the Missionary.
The Mar Thoma Church started its mission work in Hutbay in 1972. Now there are nine families as
members. The tsunami waves of 2004 devastated the place of worship in Hutbay Island. The Mar
Thoma Community and well-wishers whole-heartedly supported the Church construction. At
present, there are around 28 believers. Forty students have enrolled in the Diocesan Education Aid
Scheme. Village Visits in tsunami-affected areas are done regularly. The mission work is going on well
by the leadership of the missionary. Rev. Abraham Thomas serves as the missionary and Evg. David
M John served as the evangelist.